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We are an architecture + design + creative direction agency based in Paris, 

funded by Nathalie Taillefer and Franco Tortello in 2009

After fifteen years having led numerous international projects for prestigious famous architects,  they began to work together and develop their own architectural discourse.

They work on a variety of programs : retail, residential, educational and cultural.

Their architectural research is based on the idea of precise & osmotic chemistry : always searching for the thoughtful answer.

Their investment in ecological solutions is a precept and plays an important part in their architectural and technical thought.
Both aesthetes, linked with a strong interest in generating offbeat spatial sensations ; emotional feelings of discovery and surprise.

"We offer volumes to be seen from the characteristic of our sensitive approach : between what you see, perceive and what you distort : a kind of real dreamlike architecture".

Working in Paris and across France, they also work internationally exporting their know-how for high-end projects

Invitations for partnerships are welcomed.


TNT Architecture® is listed on the French Architecture Board under the serial number S13297

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